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Sofia Tarasova - life after the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013

She managed to find some time to talk with NTU’s Liliya Yamborak to share her impressions of the event and to reveal some secrets concerning her future plans.

How has your life changed after participation in the final of JESC-2013?

Did you receive any invitations for taking part in other projects, concerts?

First of all, I would like to say that I was extremely happy to get the second prize on at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013.  On the 1st of December I was able to find time to celebrate my second prize victory with my parents and relatives. I think that the second prize for Ukraine is really a very good result, almost the best one taking into consideration a small difference in points between the first and second place.

For the rest of that day I didn't have time for rest but was busy attending press-conferences, answering the journalists' questions and meeting with fans.

Starting from the 2nd of December till the 4th of December I took part in the international event ‘Eurovision Music Academy’ - a project I became a winner of last year.  This time I was a jury member and also performed on stage as a special guest presenting my new songs to the audience. It was the first time for me as a jury member and I felt a huge responsibility and privilege to be able to judge the contestants; especially because I know almost all of them having met them during other contests and festivals. I tried to be kind and fair.

Later I was invited by a well-known Russian composer Igor Krutoy and ARS company to go to Moscow for taking part in the ‘Christmas Song Concert’ that will be aired on one of the Russian TV channels during Christmas and New Year holidays. The concert took place in the Sports Palace ‘Olimpiiskiy’ and I performed on stage with a Russian singer Niusha. It was also a real pleasure for me to meet all the members of the Organizing Committee of ‘New Wave Junior’ and feel their support and hear the words of congratulation with the high result at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013!  What is more, I was really very much impressed by the  number of fans in Russia who supported me during the contest!

After all that, I was invited to take part in the state concert dedicated to New Year at the National Palace of Arts Ukraine to perform a song ‘We are one’ and also in the shooting for New Year edition of one of the TV programs on the Ukrainian TV dedicated to New Year.

Do you and your family have any traditions of New Year celebration?

Have you got any plans New Year holidays?

I am planning to meet the forthcoming New Year in the circle of my beloved family! We are going to visit Dubai where my elder sister lives and works. We have a tradition in our family to give each other presents exactly at midnight to the chime of bells.

Do you have any dreams or what would you like to receive as a New Year present?

I have a dream to visit USA and Hollywood one day. I will keep asking my parents and Santa Claus about it as there is no New Year without wonders! One day I believe that my dream will come true!