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Past Junior winners become movie stars

"Belarus is the only country which has won the contest twice. So, in order to see Ksenia Sitnik and Alexey Zhigalkovich, we didn't have to go anywhere. We will show our heroes they way you would never see them," says the project's director Sergey Rybakov.

But to get exclusive shots about the life of other actors of the film, a film crew went to Croatia, Georgia, the Netherlands, Russia and Spain. Watch a gallery of them below!

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"When we came to Spain, it was very difficult to recognise that little girl who had gained the hearts of Europeans in 2004. Today, Maria Isabel is already a grown-up, as well as the first winner of the contest - Dino from Croatia", the project's author Denis Kurian adds.

In October, viewers of all countries participating at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, will be able to watch the film. And right now, on the official website, you can watch exclusive shots of the project's shoots!

Watch the video report below!

In November, all the winners from previous years will come to Minsk. During the final Show they will sing a medley of their songs and will help  to present the main prize to the 8th winner of the contest.

The 8th Junior Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, on the 20th of November.