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EBU / NTU press conference

27 November 2013 at 19:18 CET

Victoria Romanova (NTU), Roman Keryk (NTU) and Vladislav Yakovlev (EBU) had a press conference this afternoon to give their impressions about the organization of this year's Junior Eurovision, its challenges and the future of the contest.

Victoria Romanova, Deputy Director of NTU, thanked all the delegations, press and fans for their presence in Kyiv and gave an overview of the schedule that has been followed so far and the schedule for the next days until Saturday. She highlighted the unity and friendship as core values of the contest and the responsibility of the host broadcaster NTU since it is the second time that Ukraine has hosted the Junior Eurovision in the past four years.

Roman Keryk, Executive Producer of the Contest, focused on the technical details of the stage and stressed that the highest standards of safety and technology have been implemented in the venue and praised the technical crew, an international team that has made the Contest possible.

And Vladislav Yakovlev, Executive Supervisor of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, thanked both the press and the fans for being in Kyiv and promoting this contest and said he was "impressed" by the creativity of the Ukranian host, and promised "surprises" during the next days. He also announced that although there is no decision about the host broadcaster for the 2014 Junior Eurovision, some delegations from countries that have never taken part in the contest will be present in Kyiv during the show, and that the EBU will continue working to have as many countries as possible participating in Junior Eurovision.

Some interesting questions and remarks were given by the press during the conference, such as difficulties in booking tickets from outside Ukraine at late notice (which might make it more difficult for fans to attend) and what can both the Eurovision Song Contest and the Junior Eurovision learn fom each other, such as new ways of determining the draw.

The EBU and the NTU took note about the ticketing issues and will work to improve them in next year's contest.

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