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Smile Shop

The Smile Shop has six members - Mariam, Ana, Saba, Lukam, Mari and Tamta and they all have something to say!

Mariam Shavladze, 10, - "Georgia is a small country and the Junior Eurovision Song Contest has proved successful for our country. It is a great responsibility for me to represent my country and get results. I want to impress all Europe and show them that we are very talented and successful children. I want to win this contest and make fans and the whole of Georgia happy.”

Ana Kvantaliani, 12, - "Junior Eurovision is a popular music event. It is the dream of every child to take part in this project. I am lucky because my dream to take part in this project came true. It is a great responsibility for me. There are five talented, kind children with me in the group. Professionals are also working with us. We are working hard together every day to represent our country and to gain the first place."

Saba Chachua, 13, - "To take part at Junior Eurovision is great honour for me. This contest will give me solid experience and will be important for my future music career. We have to believe that we can win. We will do our best. I am always glad to rehearse with other members of the group and the terrific team helping us prepare. My father advised me to take part in the national selection as he believed I could do it. mother hopes that we will win in Kyiv."

Mariam Samushia, 11, - "I have been singing from early childhood. My parents advised me to study in ‘Bzikebistudio,’ and my teacher told me about the national selections for Junior Eurovision and advised me to try my best. My dream has come true; I will take part in this contest in Ukraine! I'm sure everything will be fine."

Luka Gogiberidze, 14, - "First of all, Junior Eurovision Song Contest is a tremendous experience. Through this project, I hope to become famous in Georgia and abroad. I will find new friends and experience of achieving goals, working hard and becoming successful in a career I love very much.”

Tamta Diasamidze, 11, - "During the casting I felt nervous. When I was selected to represent my country at Junior Eurovision I was happiest person: jumping, crying, shouting, laughing - full of emotions. I have participated in many competitions and placed first, or second, or third. Now, it is very important occasion in my life for I am preparing for Junior Eurovision 2013."

Music video

Lyrics of Give your smile

Give me your smile

We’ve got time for friendship
Sunshine makes us happy
Even rain stops
if you smile

Give me your smile
Oh, and there is nothing else I need
Oh oh oh
Give me your smile
Oh, and there is nothing else I need

We’ve got time for friendship
Sunshine makes us happy
And if you smile, if you smile
Sun smiles and I am happy

I painted this smile and everybodies’ smiles
This fantasy is so beautiful

I’ll paint colored dream today
When Fairy tale smiles
Smile Flake fall down the sky
This white dream will come true and last forever