Mishela Rapo


🇦🇱 Albania
Finished 5th
Written by
Pandi Laco
Composed by
Adrian Hila
On the internet

Mishela Rapo represents Albania in Junior Eurovision this year, having won the 51st Children’s Festival in Tirana on 27 May.

Mishela had also tried to represent her country before, when Albania last took part in 2012. However on this occasion she fell just short, but returned three years later to win the Junior Eurovision ticket!

In her young career, Mishela has already achieved much success – winning prizes at festivals in Shkoder on no less than three occasions. She also represented Albania at the Turkce olimpiyatlari in 2012, and came 6th at the Gjeniu I Vogel 4 show on TV Klan in her own country.

Born and raised in the capital city of Tirana, Mishela is also a very talented linguist – speaking fluent English and Turkish, as well as being able to converse in German and French too!

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