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Mikhail Smirnov

Mechta (Dream)

🇷🇺 Russia
Finished 6th
Mechta (Dream)
Vladimir Dushevny/Mikhail Smirnov
Vladimir Dushevny/Mikhail Smirnov
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From making the final of 'The Voice. Kids' to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Mikhail Smirnov is no stranger to performing on big stages.

The 12-year old from Moscow is already a multiple prize winner in Russia and abroad at competitions and festivals for young singers. He is also an actor at the Ivanhoe Musical Theatre in his home city.

Mikhail's success as a singer is no less impressive considering his family background - born to parents who are mathematicians, who both graduated from the Maths & Mechanics faculty at the Moscow State University. When he was three years old, Mikhail suddenly began to stutter and his parents sent him to singing lessons as part of the therapy. There, his first vocal coach noticed that Mikhail not only had a good ear for music but also a wonderful voice. His mother, who also graduated from music school and plays piano, cultivated Mikhail’s love of music throughout his childhood.

Gradually gaining skills, Mikhail began not only performing at various competitions, but also winning prizes. At the age of eight he moved studios, and hit professional level by winning many prizes in his new environment. Despite his young age, Mikhail has a large number of titles to his name from both Russian and international competitions. He does say, though, that his biggest success to date was getting to the final of "The Voice. Kids" in Russia - and being chosen to represent his country in Sofia, of course!

A very versatile young man, Mikhail also acts professionally in a musical theatre - most recently playing Jim Hawkins in the play “Treasury Island”. When he's not singing or acting, Mikhail enjoys playing football, writing poetry, and shooting his own mini-videos.

Lyrics of Mechta (Dream)

КУПЛЕТ 1 Это небо стелется, и я Забираюсь выше, где мечта. И среди этих звездных полей Я наблюдаю город огней Она верит просто по глазам И направит сердце к берегам, Тем что мне снились, тем что люблю, Эту дорогу я отыщу... ПРИПЕВ Ты забери меня повыше, Где мы исполним наш дуэт Скорей туда, где ветер дышит, И горизонт меняет цвет. На руки к солнцу ты и я, На руки к свету навсегда! КУПЛЕТ 2 Забери меня под облака. Белый город с привкусом дождя, Ты покажи мне этот рассвет И нарисуй мне мыслей портрет. За спиною крылья налегке Рассекаю время на воде Я возвращаюсь, рядом она И замираю там у окна. Refrain And you will take me to the blue skies And we will sing about the place, Where the wind plays with the sunlight, Touching my hair and my face. Into the arms of light we fly, Into the arms of boundless sky!
To the height of skies the eye can’t see I am climbing up to reach my dream. And in the beauty and glory of fields I am making my way to my dream. It will take my heart where it belongs Even if the way is hard and long. And I have seen this dream in my sleep, And there’s someone who’s set my dream free. Refrain And so please take me to the blue skies And we will sing about the place, Where the wind plays with the sunlight, Touching my hair and my face. Into the arms of light we fly, Into the arms of boundless sky! Take me to the city of my dreams It is closer than it sometimes seems. Show me the light at the dawn of my day, That will be always bright on my way. As I’m growing wings behind my back You will never put me off my track. And here my dream is waiting for me. And I’m happy it has set me free. Другой вариант перевода припева: CHORUS Please take me higher, take me higher I wanna see your magic light You`re everything to me like fire That in my soul, that in my eyes, Flying so high - you and me, Touching the sky and I`m free