Klesta Qehaja


🇦🇱 Albania
Finished 13th
Written by
Pandi Laco
Composed by
Adrian Hila
On the internet

Klesta Qehaja will represent Albania in the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the song Besoj.

Klesta was born in 2006 in Kosovo and started singing at the age of four. She currently studies music in Pristina. Since 2010 she has been a member of the group Xixellonja Fireflies and has participated in many contests including winning first prize at the Pristina Kids Festival as well as Shining Star in Turkey and Golden Microphone in Slovenia.

Despite her young age Klesta has a powerful voice and hopes to go far in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest for both her country and her fans. Klesta enjoys challenges and has both courage and ambition to achieve success.

In her spare time Klesta enjoys dancing and playing with her friends. She has many wishes and dreams for a happy life for all the children in the world and she expresses this through her music. Klesta speaks English in addition to her native tongue.

Lyrics of Besoj

Barefoot walking in the sand of melting hope And as I look around my heart sinks in sorrow Don't turn my rain in red Don't bite me with your hate Let peace, serenity guide my tomorrow Believe, believe love will win eventually Believe,believe sun will rise up differently Let love, let love, let love make the change for you and me Make the change for you and me Jo nuk shoh me si dikur zogj ne qiell Edhe qielli sot me duket me gri Pse lumi kuqelon,pse lufta nuk mbaron Femije qe kane ne sy uri Besoj,besoj dielli ndryshe do agoj Besoj,besoj dashurine do ta zgjoj Besoj,besoj,besoj, dielli ndryshe do agoj Dielli ndryshe do agoj ...

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