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Ioana Anuţa

Ioana Bianca Anuţa was born on the 29th of August, 1994, has recently graduated secondary school in Slatina and now she studies in the National College Ion Minulescu, where she was admitted with average grade of 9.88 out of 10!

Ioana's talent in music was noticed in her early childhood, but it wasn't given enough attention. Her first step in her musical career was done in 2006, when she took part in a school competition.

The reaction was so strongly positive, that both Ioana and her parents decided to cultivate this talent. So, in 2007 she began taking music classes (vocal, theory and piano). Her efforts paid off after only one year when she was rewarded with ten prizes in different national competitions.

But her best year so far is 2009 when she has already won eleven trophies, plus the Romanian national selection for the 2010 Junior Eurovision Song Contest – which brings her to Kyiv to show all of Europe her talent!

On the stage in Kyiv, Ioana will be accompanied by five dancers - good friends of her: Ivana Farc, Cristina Pandrea, Alexandra Sabau, Andreea Margin and Diana Pacurar. Although Ioana is from Slatina and the five dancers are from Oradea, they met in different festivals and competitions and they decided to perform together for Romania.

After finishing high school, Ioana wants to continue her studies at a conservatory and her moto is: "If you win, you must continue taking part to prove your success. If you lose, you need to continue to prove you're capable of winning".

Music video

Lyrics of Ai Puterea în Mâna Ta - You Have The Power In Your Hand

Ar fi cazul sa zambesti
Si sa nu uiti cum traiesti
N-ai prea multe carti in joc,
Gaseste-ti azi un loc!
Fiecare are un vis
Viitorul nu e scris
Si tine numai de noi
Orice-ar fi nu da inapoi!

Ai puterea in mana ta...
Azi e timpul sa mai schimbi ceva,
Ai puterea in mana ta...
Ai grija ce faci cu ea,
Poti muta si muntii, da...

Lumea e un loc frumos
Atunci cand ii dam un rost
Lasa-te purtat de vant
Dar cu picioarele pe pamant!