Anastasiya Baginska

Don't Stop

🇺🇦 Ukraine
Finished 7th
Don't Stop
Written by
Kateryna Komar, Anastasiya Baginska
Composed by
Kateryna Komar

Anastasiya Baginska was born in Kyiv in July 2005 and she currently lives in Bila Tserkva. At the age of four she started humming melodies and singing songs from her favourite cartoons and commercials. When she turned five Anastasiya began her studies at the school of art. Now she is studying acting, singing, voice-training, dance and other contemporary arts at the Katapulta Art Music School in Kyiv.

Anastasiya sings in four languages; Ukrainian, Russian, English and Dutch. She performed on stage for the first time and took the second prize at the age of five. Since then she has become the first prize winner at various national and international vocal contests. In 2014, Anastasiya was asked by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine to represent the country at the 12th International Children Music Contest, Vitebsk-2014 within the Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk Festival. Anastasiya took first prize, the first time in the history of this contest that Ukraine has taken the grand prix. Anastasiya was awarded the Future of the Nation prize for this victory.   

In 2014 Anastasiya participated in The Voice Kids which gave a huge boost to her performing career. She has also performed alongside Ukrainian Eurovision Song Contest winner Jamala at both her solo concert and in a special arrangement of her song 1944 which was performed at Eurovision 2017. Anastasiya was the face of a special promotional video about Ukraine, Come to Ukraine to Celebrate Diversity, created for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. It was a 30-second video with shots made in the most picturesque places of Ukraine.    

Anastasiya is learning to play the piano, likes to sing, dance, read, draw, roller-blade and skateboard. She adores travelling, resting at the seaside and visiting the Carpathian mountains together with her family and friends. Anastasiya’s favourite holidays are her birthday and New Year. Anastasiya’s song Don’t Stop is about children’s dreams and the way to achieve them. In the performance, each detail will be carefully outlined so that every child and grown-up could understand and embrace the things happening on the stage. At the Junior Eurovision Song Contest Anastasiya wants to meet and make friends with other contestants and perhaps get to know the musical culture of their countries through them. At the same time, she would like to show all the beauty and depth of the musical culture of her own country with her act, and of course, perform well and win.   

About the song writers and composers   

Kateryna Komar was born in November 1985 in the Dnipropertovsk region of Ukraine. She started her coaching activity at a musical school in 1997 and in 2000 became a student of the Kryvyi Rih College of Music, specialising in piano. From 2002 to 2007 she studied at the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, graduating with a masters’ degree in singing. It was at this time that she began her work as a composer. In 2008 Kateryna became a member of the trio Zakliopky and was awarded a special prize at the international contest for young pop music performers, New Wave. The group participated in the Ukrainian national selections for the Eurovision Song Contest. In 2013 Kateryna took part in The Voice of Ukraine and the following year she co-founded the Katapulta Creative Team and in 2017 founded an art school of the same name.    

Kateryna has a lot of experience with the Junior Eurovision Song contest having written songs for national selections in Russia and Ukraine and was also a vocal coach to previous participant Sofia Tarasova. She has also been the music producer on The X Factor Ukraine, The Voice of Ukraine and The Voice Kids.  

Lyrics of Don't Stop

Я мрію бути щасливою, побачити океан Я мрію мандрувати світом, я мрію про котика Будиночок на дереві, я мрію зніматись у кіно Хочу грати на барабанах The dream is close... По доріжці любові знову, по незвіданих містах Ми блукаємо, ми блукаємо Долі невипадкові, ми вибираємо свій шлях Ми чекаємо, ми чекаємо Кольорові дні, мамині пісні В тебе є в голові, душі, серці З ними по життю іди Серце не зупиняй Не зупиняй Мрію шукай свою Не зупиняй Світ відчиняй І відчуй хто ти – лети! How can I get a chance to see and understand the real you Give you all my love, find my way in life We can live in harmony because we’re one, we’re family I see it in your eyes, your loving eyes! You need to find your dream! Give it a try wonderful life Listen to your soul – let go! Не зупиняй Не зупиняй Не зупиняй Не зупиняй Не зупиняй Світ відчиняй І відчуй хто ти – лети! Не зупиняй!

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