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These eleven singers are still in the race for Ukraine's ticket

28 August 2020 at 15:15 CEST
Ukraine's shortlist for their national selection in 2020 UA:PBC
Ukraine's public broadcaster UA:PBC revealed their shortlist of participants who have the chance of representing their country at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020.

In total 105 participants applied to the Ukrainian selection. 70 applications conformed to the national selection rules and were considered by the organizing committee.

The shortlist

"This year we received both multi-genre and unique original songs, which has become a tradition for the Ukrainian national selection, and vocally and emotionally strong interpretations of popular compositions. It was very difficult to make a shortlist of such a constellation of young artists," said Oksana Skybinska, Head of Delegation of Ukraine at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020.

Participants who submitted an original song

  • Polina Babii - Superbit
  • Oleksandr Balabanov - Vidkryvai (Open)
  • Yuliia Karimi - PEOPLE
  • Anzhelina McFarlane (RREALINA) - MY SPIRIT
  • Yaroslav Politov (YAR POLITOV) - GOOD ALWAYS WINS
  • Anhelina Terennikova - The Vibe
  • Olena Usenko (Ellen) - Never Get Free
  • Sofiia Shkidchenko - OK

Participants who submitted a cover song

  • Nikita Achkasov - My Oasis
  • Darin Osman - A Natural Woman

Participant who received most likes from the online audience

  • Daniiela Shapohnikova - Tvoiie Maibutnie (Your Future)

The next stage

About the next stage, Oksana said: "Ahead is an even harder task to chose the representative of Ukraine for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest to be made by the jury and online users. All the applications accepted this year are published on the website of the national selection, so Europe can watch and listen to the talented Ukrainian children awaiting the international contest."

All shortlisted participants who submitted a cover song will record a song provided by UA:PBC. The performers of original songs will also have the opportunity to record this song if they wish so.

Check out videos of all shortlisted participants on the official website. Read more about the process of the Ukrainian national selection in this story.

Keep an eye out on the official channels, as voting for the Ukrainian representative in 2020 starts in September!