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Ukraine starts the search for their next Junior Eurovision participant

04 August 2020 at 14:38 CEST
Second sing through of ‘The Spirit Of Music’ for Ukraine’s Sophia Ivanko Thomas Hanses
Ukrainian public broadcaster UA:PBC has announced that their national selection for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020 will begin on 5 August 2020. New rules have been implemented to involve as many talented children as possible.

Ukraine is getting ready for their 15th participation at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. They have been taking part since 2006, hosted the contest twice and won the contest in 2012. After Sophia Ivanko's participation in Gliwice-Silesia in 2019, it is now time to start the search for her successor. This will be done in 5 stages.

The first stage

Starting from 5 August, UA:PBC accepts applications for the Ukrainian national selection via their official website. This can either be an original song or a cover. For the first time ever, UA:PBC extends the possibilities and changes the selection conditions so that talented children have a chance to participate in the Contest even if they do not have a song of their own. The call for entries will continue until 25 August.

After submitting an entry, a video will be published with the hashtag #uajesc2020, proving that the application meets the requirements of the national selection rules. Until 25 August participants can collect likes under their videos.

The second stage

On 26 and 27 August, the broadcaster will decide on a shortlist, featuring eleven participants: 8 performers with an original song, 2 singers who performed a cover and 1 participant whose video has collected the biggest number of likes.

The third stage

Between 28 August and 4 September, UA:PBC will announce the shortlist and provide a song to be recorded by the participants who have submitted covers in the previous stage.

The performers of original songs will also have the opportunity to record this song if they wish to do so.

The fourth stage

The voting starts! Between 5 and 7 September, a jury and social network users will decide on the winner between the 11 shortlisted entries.

The winner

The winner of the Ukrainian national selection will be announced on 12 September.

More information about the national selection procedure can be found on UA:PBC's Junior Eurovision website. Make sure to follow the official Ukrainian Instagram and Facebook account as well.