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Sophia Ivanko premieres Ukraine's 'The Spirit of Music'

08 October 2019 at 12:00 CEST
Ukraine's Junior Eurovision 2019 participant Sofia Ivanko UA:PBC
UA:PBC, the National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine, presents the music video for their Junior Eurovision 2019 song 'The Spirit of Music' by Sophia Ivanko. Sophia will represent her country in Gliwice-Silesia, Poland, in November.

After winning the Ukranian national selection, 13-year-old Sophia continued working on her 2019 entry. As a writer of her song, Sophia Ivanko shares what she means by The Spirit of Music: “My song is about the incredible, magical power of music. Music helps people find their inner strength and cheer up. Whenever life difficulties happen that make you feel sad, you need to sing the melody that comes from your heart. This melody is personal and different for different people. I hope that my “hoo-oo-oo” will wake such melodies in the hearts of everyone.”

The music video for Sophia’s song was created by well-known Ukrainian TV, film and music video director, Dmytro Avdieiev. “It is symbolic that she moves step by step ahead and upwards in our video. She is going towards her dream to become an artist and represent our country at the Junior Eurovision. And everyone around her helps and supports her,” shares Dmytro.

The music video for The Spirit of Music features the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 co-host and Ukrainian commentator Timur Miroshnychenko and 2018 Ukrainian delegate Darina Krasnovetska.