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Nare invites us to 'DANCE' with her!

05 December 2022 at 12:00 CET
Nare will perform for Armenia at Junior Eurovision 2022.
It’s always a big responsibility to represent your country, but it’s an even bigger one to do so on home soil! Lucky for us, Armenia’s singer Nare is eager to welcome the Junior Eurovision family to her hometown of Yerevan.

She can’t wait for her new friends to get to know this ancient city with its great cuisine and friendly people.

Junior Eurovision 2022 - First Rehearsal - Armenia - Nare Corinne Cumming / EBU

Nare and the Junior Eurovision organizing team from AMPTV will be rolling out a huge welcome mat for the other delegations at this year’s Opening Ceremony, to be held in the heart of Republic Square. 

The city of Yerevan always turns the ceremonial lighting of their city’s largest Christmas tree into a huge public event, and this year will be even more spectacular as the sixteen participating acts at this year’s Contest get to experience the moment up close and personal.

As for Nare, she’s living her dream of representing her country at Junior Eurovision. It goes without saying that Nare’s a lover of music and showbiz. 

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Whether she’s studying her favourite music videos and trying to get her choreography just right or simply recording herself singing on her own, she never stops trying to learn and grow as an artist.

'It was my childhood dream to represent Armenia in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, and this year’s national selection was a great opportunity for me to make my biggest dream come true. It was unbelievable for me to be chosen among such talented participants.'

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