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Meet our stars: The Funkids from Georgia

Georgia first participated in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2007 and hasn't missed a contest since. Georgia is one of the most succesful countries in this competition and can count on two victories so far: in 2008 with Bzikebi and their beesong Bzz... and last year in Yerevan with CANDY Music.

This year Georgia has a song called Funky Lemonade. The Funkids are Ketevan Samkharadze (13), Nino Dashniani (11), Luka Karmazanashvili (12) and Elene Arachashvili (10). You can check their biography, pictures and video on their participant profile.

Remember that the 2012 Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Amsterdam on Saturday the 1st of December at 20:15 CET and you can watch it live right here on!