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Maša's and Lejla's perfect plan

Maša is a 14 year old girl from Podgorica, who plays various instruments. She has been taking part in many music festivals in Montenegro and abroad ever since she was six years old, and she won many awards. Lejla is a 12 year old girl from Kotor. She's studying the violin, but also plays the guitar. Apart from taking part in many festivals in Montenegro and abroad, Lejla also writes songs and poems, and her poems have been published in many different magazines.

Maša's and Lejla's road to Malta

Maša and Lejla are two great friends, and music has got the two of them together. After both Maša and Lejla have taken part in many different festivals around Europe, and won many different awards, RTCG have decided that the two of them would be the best choice for representing Montenegro in Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Malta.

About the song

"Budi dijete na jedan dan" (translated into English as "Be A Kid For A Day") is about having a happy and a healthy life, just like children - without any worries, problems, and stress. Maša and Lejla want all grown-ups to forget about all those things at least for a day, and be as happy as a child. The chorus says:

I’ve got a perfect plan

The world could be a better place 

Be a kid for a day,

And a smile will be back on your face!

On stage

Maša's and Lejla's performance will reflect the message of the song. The two girls will create a joyful atmosphere full of positive energy, happiness and dancing.

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Watch Maša's and Lejla's video