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Maša and Lejla are on their way to Malta!

08 November 2014 at 12:57 CET

With now only seven days to go until the televised show on Saturday 15th November, the Montenegrin delegation are still working on their final preparations.

The delegation travelling to Malta consists of six people - including obviously the two stars Maša and Lejla - along with composer of 'Be a kid for a day' Slaven Knezović, director Drasko Djurovic, Head of Delegation Sabri Vulic and TV Montenegro cameraman Svetozar Čađenović. 

"We are very excited and happy that we will represent Montenegro for our country’s premiere performance. We are full of energy, and hope that everything will turn out all right and we will not disappoint the audience," said Maša.

Composer Slaven Knezović already has experience with the Eurovision contest. Malta will be his third Eurovision Song Contest, with his involvement including two ‘grown up’ Eurovision events (Kyiv 2005 and Helsinki 2007) and this year his first ‘junior’ one.


At their press conference: but it wasn't always this serious!

He pointed out that it is a great honor every time you represent your country.  "Third time lucky, they say. The girls are one true music team. We represent our city, our country, and our flag,” he said, adding that in the musical sense, being part of JESC was also like being a member of a “large European family.”

The performance will be similar to the video, but adapted for the stage with a few surprises. “Maša and Layla are great girls, and performing a duet is not at all easy.  They have worked hard to get used to recording in the studio and practising their stage performance and choreography with the help of Sanja Garic," said Knezović.

Head of Delegation, Sabri Vulic, was keen to express thanks for all of the help that people provided. "Thank you to everyone who helped organise our participation in this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest.  I am happy that RTCG once again shown that it is a big family.”  

Help was provided by famous Montenegrin designer Seka Martinovic, Sanja Garic's free help with choreography, Hajdana Kostic from TVCG and many others generously giving their time and expertise to enable Montenegro to participate in JESC.  

"We also want to thank Malta’s PBS TV and Malta Tourism Organisation of Kotor helped when we recorded the video, which has been seen by nearly 30,000 people on YouTube.  Australia also helped, thanks to my great friend Zeljko Vrbanjci who mastered the track in a sound studio in Sydney, and the Foundation Petrović Njegoš and fund PAM for helping us print copies of the CD,” Vulic added.

Montenegro will be landing in Malta later today.