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Mariam picked for Georgia

On the 12th of September, the national selection in Georgia took place, marking the beginning of the new academic year. Eleven candidates presented their songs on stage.

After ever young star had done so, it was time for the jury and the viewers to make up their mind who would become their representative this year at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. 

In the end it was the 14-year-old Mariam Kakhelishvili with the song Mari Dari, composed by a talented composer, arranger and producer, Giga Kukhianidze. The song combines elements of various music styles such as techno, soul and pop. Congratulations!

Party after rehearsals!

The participants of the national selection, after having a stressful month of rehearsals, were granted a free access to the Bazaleti Lake recreation centre.

Today, the kids had another opportunity to relax and have fun in one of the picturesque parks in the city of Mtatsminda.

Starting tomorrow, Mariam Kakhelishvili will return to a tough schedule of lessons and workshops to prepare for her performance in Minsk.

She will perform for Georgia at the 8th Junior Eurovision Song Contest, held in the Belarusian capital of Minsk on the 20th of November this year.