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Maléna ready to return for Armenia 🇦🇲

17 November 2021 at 14:46 CET
Armenian broadcaster AMPTV have announced that singer/songwriter Maléna is returning to represent her country in Paris.

📺 Watch: Maléna – Qami Qami

In 2020, Maléna had been internally selected to perform Why at the Contest before Armenia withdrew. She will now fulfil her destiny with the brand new song Qami Qami.

The young musician from Yerevan is a talented cellist, and has dreamed about representing Armenia for many years; she participated in her nation’s selection competition back in 2008.

Maléna spends a lot of time in the studio, experimenting with different music genres and joining in with songwriting workshops… and we’ll soon see the results of her creativity!

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