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Jury Final Highlights

29 November 2013 at 22:37 CET

With the amazing puzzle stage, with lots of light shows, the enormous LED screens in the back, unique visuals, and nations parade, the Jury Final successfully kicked off. Zlata and Timur welcomed us in Kyiv, and the show started!

The singers were arriving one after the other on stage. All of them giving their best, smiling all the time, and really enjoying their time on stage. There was a technical problem during the performance of Mylène and Rosanne, as one of their microphones stopped working, and they were granted an extra performance after all 12 artists have performed.

We also had a "dummy voting", where a spokesperson from every of the twelve countries revealed their country's fake votes. We ended up with a tie in the end, with both Azerbaijan and Sweden scoring 86 points. The Executive Supervisor, Mr. Vladislav Yakovlev explained the tie-break rules of this Contest, and announced that the winner of tonight's dummy voting was Sweden.