Good viewing figures on Ukrainian Selection

The live broadcast from the Olmeca Beach Complex in Kyiv on UA:Pershyi reached 1,650,269 people across Ukraine; with a repeat of the show three days later reaching another 525,545. This means that it reached a total of 2,018,156 people across the two broadcasts.

The national selection was won by Anna Trincher, who goes forward now to Sofia. “I participated in the national selection last year but didn’t manage to win. This time I won and am so happy and so overfilled with emotions,” said an emotional Anna on her victory. “I couldn’t believe that my dream came true! I couldn’t sleep the day before the final since I was so anxious. The best prize for me that day was my victory at the National Final!”

Anna is no stranger to international music competitions, having participated in The Voice Kids, Song in Romania, and Music Academy ‘Eurovision’ among others.

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