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UPDATE: Valentina will sing 'J'imagine' for France!

16 October 2020 at 10:11 CEST
Valentina will represent France at Junior Eurovision 2020 Ahmed Bahhodh
Valentina has been selected by FranceTV to represent her country at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020, following in the footsteps of Carla (2019), Angélina (2018) and Thomas (2004).

Valentina was brought up in a musical environment. Her mother, an Italian teacher, used to sing sweet lullabies and ever since, Valentina has an unconditional love for singing.

In 2018, she stood out at the 'Kids United Nouvelle Génération' audition and successfully joined the other four members on an exciting journey. She quickly became the 'Kids United Nouvelle Génération' mascot, developing an impressive community of fans on social media, adding up to almost 300.000 followers.

She has recorded two albums with the group, participates in UNICEF missions and takes part in various collective projects with other artists.

Valentina knows what she wants and is not afraid to show it. However, she remains down to earth.

Even though Ariana Grande is her biggest idol, Valentina often surprises her fans with her keen interest in French rap. Not only does she sing and rap in French, she also has a talent for singing in Italian. She especially enjoys singing Laura Pausini's songs, given that her mother is a fan.

On 16 October Valentina's song J'Imagine was released. Check it out!