Albania's Mishela Rapo: "Being a part of the Junior Eurovision has always been my dream!"

While we still have to wait until Wednesday to see her costume, we had the chance to check out her staging. Mishela starts the song surrounded by clouds in shades of black and green, but as the tempo of "Dambaje" perks up, the stage transforms into a warm latticework of black, gold, and red. She is alone on stage, but her confidence shines through, as does her powerful voice.

"Dambaje" is a song about connecting people from all over the world with the power of friendship and music. "Being a part of the Junior Eurovision has always been my's not the first time for me to be a part of an international festival, but this was so exciting. I think it's very important, and I will try to do my best!" She doesn't have any specific pre-performance rituals or lucky charms, but she says, "I try not to have any negative thoughts, and I just enjoy singing on stage and sharing my message with the public!"

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