Rafaella Costa

Thalassa, Helios, Aeras, Fotia

🇨🇾 Cyprus
Finished 11th
Thalassa, Helios, Aeras, Fotia
Written by
Rafaella Costa
Composed by
Martha Paradisioti
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It was Rafaella’s idea to enter a song for Cyprus in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest as it was always a dream of hers to take part. Thalassa, Helios, Aeras, Fotia was selected out of eighth songs by a combination of a jury and a public vote. 

Rafaella Costa is the singer and the lyricist of the Cyprus’ entry Thalassa, Helios, Aeras, Fotia (Sea, Sun, Wind, Fire). The song's composer is her friend Martha Paradisioti. The pair met through their school where Rafaella sings in the choir and Martha plays the piano in the orchestra. Together they came up with this mellow rock song in just two days.

Rafaella Costa is fifteen years old and lives in Limassol, the second biggest city of Cyprus. She has only been singing for two years and it is something she really enjoys.

Rafaella is in her first year of High School. She enjoys music, playing tennis, using her computer and spending time with her friends. Rafaella would like to pursue music in the future and also become a lawyer.

Martha Paradisioti is fourteen years old and also lives in the same city. She has been playing the piano for eight years and plays keyboards in the song. In her spare time, Martha enjoys playing her computer and watching television.

Rafaella and Martha have taken part in various musical competitions with their school. They gained the first place in a regional contest for their traditional Greek-Cypriot ‘rempetiko’ song.

Rafaella’s inspiration for the lyrics came from stories about the past which she heard from her parents and grand-parents. The song looks at how the world has changed and compares older times and the present day.

Performing along side Rafaella and Martha is Panayiotis Stylianidis on drums, Constantinos Spirou on guitar and dancers is Elena Patsali and Christiana Hadjipiera.

The entire group is really excited to be taking part in the 2009 Junior Eurovision Song Contest and are looking forward to making new friends from all over Europe.

Lyrics of Thalassa, Helios, Aeras, Fotia

Zoume se ena kosmo olo fones Mesa ap’ tous anthropous Vgainoune foties Kai ola yiri-zoun Stin arhi tou ktes Ola mou thimizoun Tis palies epohes Tha-la-ssa, Helios, Aeras, fotia Palatia mprosta sou Fovera i thoria Tha-la-ssa, Helios, Aeras, fotia Stratiotes miriades Stin mahi mprosta Se pion les pistevis Se poia idanika Ola exoun kseftisi Krifa kai mistika Pou ine eroes Pou sou mathan sto sholio To megailo edan Mono sto vivlio Tha-la-ssa, Helios, Aeras, fotia Palatia mprosta sou Fovera i thoria Tha-la-ssa, Helios, Aeras, fotia Stratiotes miriades Stin mahi mprosta

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