Joana Almeida

Joana Almeida

Vem Comigo (Come With Me)

🇵🇹 Portugal
Finished 16th
Vem Comigo (Come With Me)
Written by
João Pedro Coimbra
Composed by
João Pedro Coimbra
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Joana is 10 years old and she was invited to represent Portugal by broadcaster RTP after winning a popular singing contest for children in Portugal, 'Gala Internacional dos Pequenos Cantores da Figueira da Foz'.

Joana's song, Vem Comigo (Come With Me), was composed by João Pedro Coimbra, a Portuguese musician and composer. He was invited by RTP to write and produce this year's entry.

The song talks about the environment and the awareness that children and teenagers have about the danger that Earth is in. Vem Comigo (Come With Me) is a message of hope that youth can make the difference and be the generation that will make a positive impact on the health of our planet. Joana says: "It speaks of nature and environment and how, all together, we can help saving the planet, our home."

Joana hopes to pass this message to the world and she is not alone in this. This is probably why Marte from Spanish representative Melani Garcia is Joana's favourite Junior Eurovision song. She says: "It is also a song which is a bit like the musicals I have been singing in lately."

Singing is a big passion of Joana, as she explains when asked what she hopes to achieve at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019: "I wish to achieve a good score for Portugal, I wish to conquer the audience, to have fun on that huge stage and to be happy doing what I love the most: to sing!"

Lyrics of Vem Comigo (Come With Me)

Dizem que sou nova e da vida nada sei, mas se a Terra sofre, nós sofremos também. É a nossa casa, é de todas as coisas e eu adoro tudo o que ela me dá. É tão fácil perceber que a natureza é nossa mãe. E ela, como nós, é livre, não pertence a ninguém. Vem comigo, I can’t make it alone. But together, together we’re strong. I am young but I know what to do, time is running out to save the Earth. Anda sê diferente, we can make it work, Let’s make it happen now. Soon it’ll be too late, I can’t do it all alone. I need you now! Ouço dizer que está tudo normal, que é falso alarme o aquecimento global. Mas tenho medo, vivo num mar de verde que o fogo e a seca podem destruir. Está na hora de acordar, podemos ir mais além, defender todos juntos, a nossa casa-mãe. Vamos conseguir, unidos para sempre. I need you, I need you now. Let’s come together and be friends forever and… Let’s make it happen now!!

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