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Anastasiya Petryk
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Anastasiya Petryk
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Anastasiya Petryk was born on 02.05.2002 in the City of Odessa. She is living in the village Nerubaiske, Odessa Region. Four years ago her sister Victoria got the best place for Ukraine at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest when she came 2nd.

Anastasiya (10) went to the first grade of Nerubaiske grammar school № 1 in autumn 2008. Starting from March 2009 she is taking vocal lessons with Kravets Nina. In July 2009 she ranked 1st in the International Contest “Moloda Halychyna” (Young Halychyna) in the city of Novoyavorovsk, Lviv Region.

In August 2010 she became the winner and won the audience favorite prize at the “New Wave Junior 2010”. Since Summer 2010 till Summer 2012 she shared the stage with such famous singers as Leonid Agutin, Philipp Kirkorov, Kamaliia, Iryna Bilyk, Nina Matviienko and sister Victoria Petryk.

Together with her sister Victoria she took part in various charitable and public concerts all over Ukraine, Russia, Armenia, Italy and Lithuania.

She also became a diploma winner at the 40th anniversary concert of the “Song of the Year” in Moscow for performing the song “Snow”. On 08.07.2012 she became the winner of the national selection for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2012.

Lyrics of Nebo

"Небо" Verse - 2 times Небо відкрий нам очі Сил надай іти, я Серцем чую Наше світло - Полум”яна хвиля Chorus: Тисячі людей Врятували день Я сяю у небі тихім Вогнем моїх очей Сльози в небуття Розумію я Що сильною бути можу Бо кличе нас Земля Verse - 2 times Небо відкрий нам очі Сил надай іти, я Серцем чую Наше світло - Полум'яна хвиля Chorus: 2 times Fire in the sky Shining through the night You’ll never make me surrender You see it in my eyes

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