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Sunday, 19 December, 2021, 16:00 CET
Venue & Location
La Seine Musicale, Paris, France
Host Broadcaster
France TV
Presented by
Carla / Élodie Gossuin / Olivier Minne
Executive Producer
Alexandra Redde-Amiel
Executive Supervisor
Martin Österdahl
Multicamera Director
Julian Gutierrez / Franck Broqua

After Valentina's victory at Junior Eurovision in Poland, France Télévisions were granted the honour of organising the Contest in Paris, the 'City of Light'.

On the night in France, Maléna won a second victory for Armenia with her song Qami Qami, earning a grand total of 224 points, which was enough to finish in first place, with runners-up Poland and hosts France scoring 218 and 187 points respectively.

The show took place on Sunday 19 December at the La Seine Musicale - a spectacular concert hall located on Île Seguin (Seguin Island) on the Seine river.

The slogan is ‘Imagine’: a simple and effective nod to Valentina's winning song J’imagine. But it’s not just a slogan - it’s an invitation to dream.

Our hosts for the evening were Olivier Minne, Élodie Gossuin and Carla (of Bim Bam Toi fame), and along with the 19 participating countries, we enjoyed performances from reigning champ Valentina, DJ duo Ofenbach and the sensational Barbara Pravi.

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