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Imagine - Junior Eurovision, Paris 2021
Imagine - Junior Eurovision, Paris 2021

Theme art for Paris 2021 revealed 🇫🇷

Broadcaster France Télévisions have revealed the new theme art for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Paris on Sunday 19 December.

Like our new look website? We hope so!

It features the new theme art for the Junior Eurovision Contest.

There are three inspirations behind the design: Imagination, Christmas and Paris.

Junior Eurovision, Paris 2021

'Imagine’ – not just our Contest slogan, but an invitation to dream. Having our heads in the clouds, looking towards the sky and travelling at the speed of light. From author Jules Verne to astronaut Thomas Pesquet (both French, of course), the rocket has always been a way to touch the stars and represents the imagination.

Valentina won the Junior Eurovision in 2020 with J’imagine

The timing of the Contest is important to the design too – given that the festive holidays will be in full swing in France, the artwork resembles a traditional Christmas tree and is symbolic of magic, wonder, joy and giving.

And finally, for people around the world, Paris is the city of love and light. There’s more than a passing resemblance to the most famous Parisian of all… the Eiffel Tower.

Watch: Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Paris 2021 Announcement

The 19th Junior Eurovision Song Contest will take place on Sunday 19 December at the La Seine Musicale – a spectacular concert hall located on Île Seguin (Seguin Island) on the Seine river.

The venue is one of the most impressive and beautiful in all of Europe, and since opening in 2017 it has fast become an iconic cultural facility aiming to bring all music to all audiences.


The slogan of the contest is ‘Imagine’. A simple and effective slogan, chosen for several reasons. First of all, for the echoes of Valentina’s song that won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Warsaw in 2020.

Watch: Valentina – J’imagine (France 2020)

It is also the ground of creation, of the incitement to dream. It is the playground of the mind to build a better world, a new world. The power to imagine is infinite, especially for children. And it is something we need more than ever today.

So let’s imagine together!

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