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Watch Live: Ukrainian National Selection for 2016

A draw took place to determine which song will open and close the show. The producers have decided on the final running order of the songs in order to ensure an even distribution of different musical styles and to create a more exciting television show.

The participants 

1.­     ­VoiceLand, Vidchyny svoie­ sertse (Open your h­eart)

2.­     ­Diana­ Sapozhko­, ­­Tvii­ svit­ (­Your­ world­)­

3.­     ­Denys­ Rodin, ­Ukraina­ – ­mama­ moia­ (­Ukraine­ – ­my­ mother­)­

4.­     ­Iuliia Radchuk, Moia zoria (My star­)

5.­     ­Denys­ Dovirak­ and­ Natalia­ Sadova­, Ia­chekaiu­ svoho­ lysta­ (­I­ am­ waiting­ for­ my­ letter­)­

6.­     ­Alisa­ Panchuk­, ­Pyi­svoi­ mrii­ (­Drink­ your­ dreams­)­

7.­     ­Polina­ Dashkova­, Do Boha (To the Lor­d)

8.­     ­Anastasiia­ Bahinska­, ­Mii­ svit­ (­My­ world­)­

9.­     ­Sofiia­ Lozina­, ­Uhorskyi­ tanok­ (­Hungarian­ dance)­

10.­   Sofiia Rol, ­Planet craves for lov­e

11.­   Andrii Boiko, O­pen your heart

12.­   Sofiia­ Shkidchenko­, ­Dolce­ vita­

The jury

  • Mariia Burmaka - a Ukr­ainian singer and com­poser
  • Victoria Roma­nova - Deputy Director­ General of NTU
  • Vale­ntyn Koval - Director ­General of the Ukrain­ian music TV channels­ M1 and M2
  • Vadym Lysyts­ia - a composer and pr­oducer
  • Oleksandr Ksenofontov­ - a­ ­Ukrainian­ ­record producer­ ­and­ ­lyricist­.

The national final will be broadcast live on the national first channel, UA:Pershy­i and on the official YouTube account of NTU at 11:00 CEST.  

Ukraine finished 11th in the 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the song Pochny z sebe performed by Anna Trincher.