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Volunteers in Malta

15 November 2014 at 18:19 CET

The call for volunteers was published on different social media, newspapers and TVM over 2-3 weeks and it was a big success: around 240 applications were submitted. The requirements from the organisation were being older than 18, fluent in English and preferably one language of any of the participant countries The enthusiasm of the Maltese population about being the host of this contest had an immediate effect on the amount of applications received.

After a first selection, where approximately 200 applicants were taken into consideration, the personal interviews started. For the organisation, it was very important to get to know the applicants better, know their availability, their languages and their background so they could place each volunteer in the right position. TVM got not only Maltese applicants, but also from other nationalities like Russian and French applicants.

For the selected volunteers, there was some training available about hospitality and Maltese culture and history, so they could guide their selected delegations correctly.

In total 100 volunteers were selected, distributed as follows:

  • Around 35-40 host volunteers (delegation and hotel hosts).
  • 10 volunteers for the technical crew.
  • 20 press volunteers (writers, camera crew, photographers).
  • The rest of volunteers are doing different tasks like assisting the production team and helping at the venue.

Although the volunteers do not have the same background, and some of them even come from other countries, they all have something in common: they all love this international atmosphere and the possibility of being part of this event. Many of them are big Eurovision fans as well.

Organising a Eurovision competition is a fantastic experience for this country and the volunteers are enjoying this experience as much as we all are!