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Ukraine wins the 10th Junior Eurovision Song Contest

01 December 2012 at 23:19 CET

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"We’re extremely proud of the great performances of such talented kids from twelve participating countries,” says Sietse Bakker, the Supervisor of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of EUROVISION. “We also thank AVRO for an amazing 10th anniversary celebration and the whole of The Netherlands for their commitment to the contest".

The show featured guest performances from Ralf Mackenbach, the winner of the 2009 Junior Eurovision Song Contest as well as Rachel, participant in last year's Junior who came second for The Netherlands. The presenter Kim-Lian van der Meij also performed in the show the theme song Break The Ice.

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In addition, all the participants performed a song together We Can Be Heroes to promote children’s rights all over the world. The song was produced in co-operation with Kids Rights Foundation.

Our young winner, Anastasiya Petryk is 10 years-old, and is extremely thankful to have won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Turns out that her older sister, Victoria, was holding the record for best position of Ukraine at the competition, as she came second in 2008. The little sister Anastasiya has now broken that record with the victory of Nebo.


The winner was chosen by the combined vote of televoters, juries all over Europe plus a special kids jury. You can find the full scoreboard on the event page! You can also click in the name of the country below to watch each performance again.

  1. Ukraine - 138 points
  2. Georgia - 103 points
  3. Armenia - 98 points
  4. Russia - 88 points
  5. Belgium - 72 points
  6. Sweden - 70 points
  7. The Netherlands - 69 points
  8. Israel - 68 points
  9. Belarus - 56 points
  10. Moldova - 52 points
  11. Azerbaijan - 49 points
  12. Albania - 35 points

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This year for the first time we had the above mentioned kids jury which awarded the following points:

12 Georgia
10 Ukraine
8 Russia
7 The Netherlands
6 Sweden
5 Armenia
4 Israel
3 Belgium
2 Azerbaijan
1 Belarus

You can watch the whole show in case you missed it or if you just want to enjoy it again.