Ukraine chooses 21 finalists

Over 60 young stars applied to take part in the Ukrainian selection this year. However, only 21 qualified for the final.

The lucky ones are Sofiya Tarasova, Radiosimya, Tetyana Gulyk, Anastasiya Petrik, Kapriz-Juniors, Polina Andreyeva, Victoriya Kobzar, Anastasiya Baranovska, Akva-Brand, Nikita Kiosse, Irina Ebralidze, Elena Gernega, Anna Priymak, Anna Kartashova, ExSportize, Tetyana Sevchuk, Inna Prichepiy, Solomiya Katerynchuk, Tetyana Myza, Tetyana Marchuk and Elena Gregori.

Ivan Masnyuk and Irina Tsukanova received special prizes from the jury and will also be present at the national selection but will not compete.

The kids will travel to the kids camp Artek on the 20th of June and will be schooled there for the national selection which will be held on the 8th of July. 

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