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Twenty compete for trophy tonight in Ukraine

A total of 20 will compete tonight for the right to represent Ukraine in Kyiv, their own capital city, at this year's Junior Eurovision Song Contest. See below in which order they'll take the stage:

  1. Sofia Kutsenko (Kyiv) - Lastivka
  2. Erik Saharian - Ti Kohay
  3. Valeriia Symulyk - Tviy Noviy Den
  4. Adelina Logvynenko - U Gorah
  5. Radiosimya Duet - Sontse, More Y Ostrovi
  6. Ivanna Orlyuk - Chekayu
  7. Kiril Sokolov - Divchinka-Schastya
  8. Yana Guruliova - Vitre
  9. Trio Bon Appetit - Tehas
  10. Hrystyna Tkachuk - Mama
  11. Kapriz Band- Pisnya Poyednaye Nas
  12. Andriy Boyko - Lyubov U Kozhnomu
  13. Dmitry Ludanniy - Zasinay
  14. Co.Mix Band - Chicago
  15. Inessa Gritsaenko - Znayu
  16. Polina Andreeva - Tvoya Zemlya
  17. Sofia Kutsenko (Kharkiv) - Rozpovid
  18. Alim Khakimov - Prosti Slova
  19. Sofia Tarasova - We Are One
  20. Anna Vagabova - Happy Life

The show begins at 21:15 local time and we'll let you know shortly when the winner has been picked! 

Their last year's participant Anastasiya Petryk took home the victory in Amsterdam with her song Nebo. 

Even though winning the contest has no connection to being able to host it the following year, the Ukrainian broadcaster NTU decided to bid to host it this year in Kyiv. They were granted the right early this year. Thus, the 11th Junior Eurovision Song Contest will take place on the 30th of November at the Palace of Arts Ukraine.