Sarlote, Jill & Lauren, Vladimir perform for second time

Latvia's Sarlote and the Sea Stones gave a sparkling performance with lots of energy. They were also wearing their chic stage costumes. The girls are wearing red vests and skirts and Sarlote's also wearing a white hat. 

The whole staging is full of energy and they really shine on stage.

Jill & Lauren from Belgium continued the list of energetic up-tempo songs with their party-hit Get Up!. But they're wearing blue clothes, the lead singers have blue sparkling dresses. 

Armenia's Vladimir Arzumanyan took the modern approach with clothing, with a stylish dark coat and accessories. 

And, of course, who can not notice the props Vladimir uses on stage - the folding book of stories! You can follow  the whole story he tells in his song also as pictures in the background.

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