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Marija Spasovska
Marija Spasovska
Photo: MKRTV

Marija Spasovska will be F.Y.R. Macedonia's 2018 representative

At an audition held on 18 August 2018, Marija Spasovska was selected by a commission to represent F.Y.R. Macedonia at the Junior Eurovision Contest 2018.

Marija is a 12-year-old girl from Skopje who has performed at several international children's festivals (including ones in Minsk, Zagreb and Moscow), as well as at national and international competitions (including Struga and Ohrid, F.Y.R. Macedonia). Her most notable performance was at the Slavyanskiy Bazar 2017 International Children's Festival in Vitebsk, Belarus.

Marija Spasovska
Marija Spasovska © MKRTV

Marija will perform at the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest on 25 November in Minsk, Belarus. This year a record-breaking amount of 20 countries will participate in the competition.