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Malta's Gianluca Cilia: "This is happening. I'm ready!"

24 November 2017 at 12:50 CET
Second reherarsal 2017 of Gianluca Cilia from Malta Thomas Hanses

Gianluca Cilia is representing Malta in the 2017 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the song Dawra Tond. Today Gianluca rehearsed on the Junior Eurovision stage for the second time but he's also been enjoying his time in Tbilisi. "I think I made friendships with all the other performers. Being here in Georgia so far has been amazing, I love it!" The singer is excited to be on stage and represent his country "and I like that feeling, I like being excited. Before you go up on stage you are like 'Oh gosh!' and once you're on it you're like 'This is happening. I'm ready!'" Watch an exclusive impression of Gianluca's first rehearsal here.