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"I wanted to conquer the hearts of the people"

02 December 2012 at 00:33 CET

As you saw on the short interviews in the live show Anastasiya Petryk doesn’t speak English, and the Ukrainiain Head of Delegation did much of the translation for the young artist.

She started by saying that she had dreamt of winning the contest. While the Ukrainian Head of Delegation was asked whether this victory might inspire Ukraine to host the contest again? She admitted that with this fantastic victory it is a possibility.

With her sister Victoria being the runner up four years ago, how did she feel about going one better than her sibling?

"My sister is welcome, and she asked me to win, so I could continue what she did a few years ago" replied Anastasiya.

Talking of family, the first thing she wants to do when she gets back to Ukraine is to go and see her grandparents and give them a big hug.

She comes from a musical family, her father plays piano, her mother the violin. Of course her elder sister is a singer, and so it seems is her grandmother, and it is to this whole family that she attributes her vocal skills.

Talking about her song Nebo, she said " I wanted my thoughts to conquer the hearts of the people".

She thanked everybody who had voted for her and everyone who had helped her, such as her family and vocal coaches.

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