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Greece and Georgia rehearsed!

19 November 2008 at 12:13 CET

The Greek Niki Yiannouchu gave a performance with two other girls accompanying her in the choreography as well as in singing. They used chairs and umbrellas as props and were very excited to be on the actual stage of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Look at the gallery here!

Georgia came to buzz the stage just after Greece and they earned the title of being the most original song of the whole show. The Bzikebi used only the language of bees and were dressed accordingly.

In the beginning they did have some sound problems but those were fixed quickly. So the two girls and a boy buzzed on, earning a great applause from the people in the hall.

You can see pictures of them here! Due to some technical difficulties we cannot offer you today the video of the rehearsal but we do have them performing at the parade on tape! 

Soon the last two songs of today are to be performed, stay tuned!