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Dalita welcomes all to Armenia

11 November 2011 at 10:01 CET

It all started in September when the 16 contestants all got their place in the show with the help of.. dolphins!

But then Dalita had to win the trophy in Armenia before 15 other acts. In the end it was indeed her who won the jury and viewers' votes with her song Welcome to Armenia.

Who is she?

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Dalita is the author of six songs and winner of various contests and festivals and she has also participated in many beauty contests.

In 2005 Dalita became Miss Yerevan, Miss Armenia. In 2006 she won the nomination Miss advertising and Miss Talent in 2007. Dalita became Miss Top Model 2009 and was awarded a special by famous boxer Alex Abraham.

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Dalita has performed in various Radio/TV shows as a singer, dancer and announcer.

Read her full biography!

She will take the stage fourth in Yerevan, on the 3rd of December. Fingers crossed for her!