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Having a chat with Georgia, Spain, and Poland 🇬🇪🇪🇸🇵🇱

15 December 2021 at 10:45 CET
After their first rounds of rehearsals here at La Seine Musicale in Paris, the team took a moment to chat with Niko Kajaia from Georgia, Levi Díaz from Spain, and Sara James from Poland.


Niko Kajaia, Georgia, First Rehearsal, La Seine Musicale, Paris, 14 December 2021 Andres Putting/EBU

Niko Kajaia’s song Let’s Count the Smiles is pure happiness and energy, and he reminds us to take every moment and appreciate the little joys in the world around us.

With his fabulous dance moves and colourful presence, 10-year-old Niko says that he feels comfortable and confident on stage.

It’s also got an added challenge, with Niko singing in three languages! Niko is no stranger to singing in languages other than Georgian, though. During the Georgian National Final, Ranina, he melted hearts with his cover of Salvador Sobral’s Amar pelos dois. He enjoys learning other languages, but especially French, Russian, and Kazakh!

Georgia has a strong track record at Junior Eurovision, since their 2007 debut, taking wins in 2008, 2011 and 2016. He says he’s spoken with last year’s Georgian singer, Sandra Gadelia, who offered the simple advice to not worry and be confident in his abilities as a singer.

🇪🇸 Spain

Levi Díaz will represent Spain in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021 RTVE

We turn our attentions to Spain and Levi Díaz after his first rehearsal on the stage at the Seine Musicale, where his performance of Reír will bring an energetic and uplifting vibe! He knows that rehearsals are a process, and a lot of effort, but he’s determined and confident:

'I have to work, and enjoy this experience… it’s so unique in life!'

Levi does have a wealth of experience before arriving here in Paris, as he was the winner of the recent series of The Voice Kids in Spain. He says that he learned not only a lot about how singing, but also how to present himself on stage, and how to handle interviews.

In chatting with 13-year-old Levi, one of the first things a person will notice about him is his sunny nature and positive outlook. For him, the easiest thing to share is joy:

'I smile, even when I’m scared or stressed or stressed. It helps me through these feelings, and it helps other people feel better, too!'

Levi comes from the Catalonia region, which has a number of wonderful Christmastime traditions. One of his favourites is the 'Tió de Nadal’, a festive painted log that… “magically produces”… presents and candy when children hit it with sticks.

Wherever you are in the world, though, Levi wishes you a 'Happy Holiday’!

🇵🇱 Poland

Sara James, Poland, First Rehearsal, La Seine Musicale, Paris, 14 December 2021 Andres Putting/EBU

Sara James was positively buzzing after her first run-through of Somebody!

'I’ve got these nerves and excitement in myself, and I can’t even use words to explain what it’s like. I feel wonderful, and when I got to the stage, I was standing there for five minutes with my face in pure shock! The stage is wonderful, the atmosphere is wonderful…it was awesome!'

Like Levi from Spain, 13-year-old Sara got her start on her national edition of The Voice Kids, which she credits with teaching her how to deal with cameras and manage her nerves as well as important vocal skills.

She got to work directly with artists with established careers in the music industry, including Junior Eurovision 2018 winner Roksana Węgiel.

When asked what the best advice she’s ever gotten was, she said:

'I always have to be me, because you can easily forget yourself in a big world, and I just have to remember that I’m Sara, I’ll always be Sara!'

Sara credits the wonderful people around her, including her family, friends, and fans, for keeping her on track and inspired. She also likes to remember that she gets to wake up every day and perform, doing something that she loves!

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