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Olivia Wieczorek

Olivia Wieczorek will represent Poland in the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the song Nie zapomnij.

Olivia was born on 28th October 2002 and began singing at the age of five when she took part in a Christmas singing competition and won. Following this she competed in various contests, achieving good results. Olivia realised that music and singing were her biggest passions and her family encouraged her to pursue her dreams.

Olivia's biggest breakthrough came when she won a popular talent show for children in Poland where she met Piotr Rubik, a famous Polish composer, producer and musician. He was so amazed by her unique talent that he decided to invite Olivia to perform in his concerts as a soloist. Olivia went on to perform at many concerts in Poland and around the world with a symphony orchestra and choir, often being accompanied by more than 110 musicians on stage. In 2016 she performed on World youth Day in front of an audience of 100,000. Before the Junior Eurovision Song Contest Olivia will tour the USA and Canada performing at 10 concerts with Piotr Rubik.

Despite her success, Olivia is modest and down to earth. She also continues to participate in charity concerts and keeps in touch with her growing group of fans via her social media accounts. Olivia is looking forward to the experience of performing at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and is honoured to be representing her country.

Olivia's song for Junior Eurovision is called Nie zapomnij (Don’t forget), composed by Piotr Rubik with lyrics by famous Polish music producer, rapper Dominik "Doniu" Grabowski. It has a very straightforward and important message; in the age of the internet, smartphones and computers ,we must not forget about what’s really important: family, love, being close to each other. Simply said - to remain human. Olivia dedicates her Junior Eurovision performance to her mum.

About the composers

Piotr Rubik was born on 3rd September 1968 in Warsaw. As a child he began to play the cello and went on to study this before collaborating with many well-known orchestras such as the World Orchestra Jeunesses Musicales and Sinfonia Varsovia. From an early age he knew that he wanted to become a composter. He has cooperated with many outstanding artists by composing for them, conducting orchestras or by accompanying them as a pianist.

Piotr has composed more than 30 albums for well-known artists. His first hit was Dotyk by Edyta Gorniak. He has also composed for film soundtracks as well as television and radio shows in Poland. In 2005 he won first prise at the Festiwal Jedynki which took place in Sopot. He has also won several other prizes for album of the year and most popular artist.

In 2016 Piotr performed his new oratorio For My Name’s Sake during World Youth Day in Poland for more than 100,000 people in the audience. He performs abroad often and has also taken part in many popular TV shows as a juror.

Dominik "Doniu" Grabowski is a music producer, performer, rapper, lyricist. Since 2001 he has been of the most popular music composers in Poland. He started with his hiphop group Ascetoholix and became famous producing singles like Żeby nie było, Przestrzeń, Uciekaj, and Halo Kochanie.

In 2004 he started a solo career as music producer and performer. He composed film sountracks as well as for popular Polish artists including Svetozar Christov, Sylwia Grzeszczak,Olivia Wieczorek, Liber, Peja, Sokół/Fu, 52, Jeremi Sikorski, Ola, Sylwia Przybysz and many more.

Dominik has won numerous awards and his productions have been certified gold several times and platinum twice. His YouTube channel has received more than 70 million views.

Dominik's awards:

Eska Music Awards 2005- artist of the year and single of the year
KFPP Superjedynki 2005 - album of the year.
Yach Film Festival 2005 - videoclip of the year - jury award
Viva Comet Awards" 2010 - single of the year.

Music video

Live performance

Lyrics of Nie zapomnij

The official lyrics of Nie zapomnij are not (yet) available.