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Eglė Jurgaitytė

Egle, being ten years old, surprises with her very strong vocal capabilities and artistic performance.

Since she was four years old, she has taken part in different music contest in her country with very specific songs which disclosed the peculiarities of her voice - chosen songs for Egle’s performances are usually adapted for adults. Nevertheless, these songs are performed by 10-year-old child in a very professional manner as Egle has gained outstanding voice techniques. The young lady is a winner or a participant of lots of various international music contests held in Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Spain, Ukraine and elsewhere.

She has been taking vocal lessons with leading Lithuanian teachers since she was four years old. She also attends a music school, takes ballet lessons and plays the piano.

As she says, music is her dream and she is the happiest girl in the world when she can sing, dance, play and appear on stage in front of an audience. In her free time she writes poems and lyrics for her songs and in the evenings she likes to knit something nice for herself.

Egle had the song Happy day in her mind for a long time. After she met the famous Lithuanian music producer Raigardas Tautkus, the song was arranged and prepared for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Then she became ten years old and got the right to take part in the contest which she won, having huge support from the audience.

The song is very simple but is full of sense too. She wanted to tell everybody about her happy life, happy days and all because she can dream, sing, dance, play, has got a puppy, has lots of friends, big brothers and great parents.

Music video

Lyrics of Laiminga Diena

Ash kaip ir tu moku svayoti
Ash kaip ir tu noriu zhinoti
Yee ee ei
Kodeel riite saule pakiila
Kodeel garsaiy pazhadina tiilaa.

Mano shirdis laiyminga
Ve au ve a au
Mano diena prasminga
Ve au ve a au

Ash kaiyp ir tu noriu miileti
Ash kaiyp ir tu moku tiileti
Je e e ei
Kodeel taip greiyt keichiasi metai
Kodeel taip greit man sukasi laikas.

Lia lia lia lia lia lia
Man taiyp gera giiventi
Lia lia lia lia lia lia
Noriu dainuot, noriu dainuot
Noriu dainuot su tavim