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Andranik Aleksanyan

Andranik Aleksanyan was born on the 6th of May, 1998 in Khmelnytsky, Ukraine, in an international family. His father is from Armenia and his mother is Ukrainian. Andranik is a highly talented child -  everything he’s interested in comes easy to him. He likes particularly singing, computers and foreign languages (English, German, and French). 

Andranik started his path to the stage in 2006. He is studying with Natalya Reshovskaya at the music studio of the Zaremba music school. He is diligent and creative in his studies, active in work, emotional, creates kind atmosphere around himself. Andranik is actively involved in social projects and takes part in concerts and city tours.

Every year Andranik renews substantially his song repertoire, which currently consists of several dozens of vocal pieces (45 already!).

The repertoire consists of classical, folk, modern and jazz vocal pieces, written by D. Gershvin, D. Caccini, T. Petrenenko, M. Balema, A. Zlotnyk, V. Ivasyuk, etc, as well as of songs by international performers. Andranik continuously takes part in festivals and competitions on city, regional, national and international levels both in Ukraine and abroad.

For the excellence of rendition of Ukrainian song, Andranik has been awarded with the highest awards:

  • Grand Prix at the Struny Sertsya festival, Khmelnitsky, 2007
  • Grand Prix at the Pisnya Nad Bugom regional festival, Khmelnitsky, 2008
  • Grand Prix at the international festival Zoryanyi Krym in Levadia, 2008
  • Two two-hour charity recital concerts Dityam Vulytsi

Andranik Aleksanyan has been the regional grant-holder in 2008 and is currently a city grant-holder. He is actively engaged in concert tours, being a constant member of the concerts around the region, as well as in other regions and internationally.

A little help

Besides Yury, who co-composed the entry, they helped to write the song.

Zlotnyk Sophia was born in Kyiv on the 30th of August, 2001. She studies in the third grade in the comprehensive school in Kyiv and also in the Artistic studio within Kyiv Gliyer Institute of Music. Her specialization is the piano and vocals.

Since the age of five, she has been taking part as a singer and own songs performer in different cultural events and concerts taking place in various Ukrainian cities.

She also participated in the national selection tour for the 2009 Junior Eurovision in Artek as a guest.

The twin sisters, Anastasiya and Marina Kravchenko were born in Kyiv on the 29th of December, 1995. The girls’ father is a businessman and their mother has the education of choreographer-choirmaster. L. Prokhorova, Nastya’s and Marina’s grandmother is a Distinguished Artist who teaches pop vocals.

The girls went to kindergarten at the age of four while their parents were busy at work. Later they started their education in a specialised school but in the second semester of 2008 were transferred to a comprehensive school as it is closer to their home.

They like writing songs and verses since their childhood. They visited choreography and ballet class when they were seven till ten years old and later tried swimming. This was a hobby for 3,5 years but they had to leave professional sports because of health problems.

At the moment they are in the eighth grade. They study English and prepare themselves for the test in the theatrical studio.

Music video

Lyrics of Try Topoli, Try Surmy

На Майдані три тополі край Соборної стіни,
Рано-вранці козаченьки заспівали три сурми
Красне сонце у блакиті б,є у дзвони золоті,
Ми з тобою ще при силі, ми з тобою козаки.

Три тополі, три сурми,
Аж луна до неба.
Три тополі, три сурми,
Буде все, як треба!

Чи сувора, чи ласкава доля крила нам дала,
Наше діло, наша справа- шабля, люлька,

В чистім полі шлях веселий, шлях єдиний, без
Козакові- запорожцю сумувать не до лиця!

Три тополі, три сурми,
Аж луна до неба.
Три тополі, три сурми,
Буде все, як треба!