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Russia: Katya Rybova sings Malenky Prints / Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2009

Katya Rybova
Song Title: Malenky Prints

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Katya Ryabova was born Moscow on August, 4, 1997 in the small town of Schelkovo not far from. Now she lives together with her parents and a sister in the Yubileiny town, Moscow region. She sings from her babyhood. Katya asked parents to send her to musical school.
Now she studies in the sixth class of general gymnasium, and she is also engaged in a vaudeville in children's theater of song the "SvetAfor" , and she gets lesson choreography in the studio of classic ballet "Fairy-tale".
Katya Ryabova is a winner of the Governor's award, owner of a diploma of the second world Delphic games for musicianship and artistry. She is a laureate of international festival "A Rose of wings 2007", and also a laureate of the competition of patriotic songs «What Motherland is to begin with», at which she performs the famous song "Arlekino". Katya likes to sing, dance, play the piano, play on the computer, travel, collect stickers, educate a younger sister and do the hair to the terrier Terry. Favorite Kates artists are Dima Bilan, "Silver", Gven Stephanie, Christina Aguilera. Katya also likes folk music, but in modern arrangement.
Katyas favorite quotation : "Only one thing makes our dream impossible- it is a fear of failure" (from The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho). A young singer is allegedly worried before any concert. But when she steps on stage these worries are carried away at once. Katya is sure that the reaction of the hall helps her to cope with worries.

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