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Belgium: Laura sings Zo Verliefd / Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2009

Song title: Zo Verliefd (yodelo)

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At first sight Laura seems a delicate little elf of almost ten, but that impression is blown away when she opens her mouth: her phenomenal voice knocks your socks off. Moreover, when Laura performs So in love - yodelo, she not only sings staggeringly well, she also uses her secret weapon: the most infectious yodelling in Europe! What love can do to a girl

Laura is the youngest member of the Omloop family. With two brothers, three sisters and two dogs added to the mix, their home is always very lively. Especially when you consider that Laura is singing from dawn till dusk: she begins in the morning, when she is in the bathroom, and only stops when she goes to sleep.

Singing is primarily a hobby for Laura. She taught herself to sing, with the help of her SingStar karaoke set, and got some live experience performing at the occasional neighbourhood party. Nothing earth-shaking until one day, when Laura discovered clips of people yodelling on YouTube. After two weeks of intensive practising, Laura had mastered the technique and could switch from chest to head register as quickly as the best of them.

Not long after this, Laura entered the Belgian preselections for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. She sang the song So in love - yodelo, about that wonderful feeling you get when your heart skips a beat, when the sun is suddenly shining every day and when there is a rainbow just around every corner its called being in love.

Laura turned out to be the discovery of the year: she took viewing Belgiums breath away. Viewers promptly voted her into first place. A star was born. In barely two weeks Lauras song So in love - yodelo was topping the charts and all of Belgium was yodelling. Who knows, before long the rest of Europe may be yodelling too...

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