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Belarus - Daniil Kozlov - Muzyki Svet

Muzyki Svet! Daniil Kozlov will present this song at 2010 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. His parents say that music accompanies their younger sixth child since his first days. A piano and a violin, a flute, a guitar and even a harmonica sound in the Kozlovs' house all the time. The kid fell asleep listening to Mozart and Beethoven. Maybe that is why he started singing when he was three.

When Daniil was nine, he took his first lesson from a skilled teacher Nelli Dukova at the pop-studio Allegro Nova. The teacher and the pupil understood each other from the first sight.

After one year of successful lessons Danik (this name his parents and friends usually use) started to participate in different international and national contests. 13-years-old musician has already won 12 prestigious musical competitions. In his native town he is lovingly called the golden voice of Zhabinka.

But singing is not the only Daniil's passion. He also takes the violin classes at Zhabinka's Art School, loves Belarusian folk and classical music, geography, biology and literature.

The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis is one of his favorite books, and he is a real fan of Moonlight Sonata by L. van Beethoven.

When Danik explained how the song Muzyki Svet (The Light of Music) appeared, he said: "I often listened to Moonlight Sonata. It sounded in my head. I whispered it for a long time. And then a new music came out. It was something very close but not the same. Both compositions mixed in my mind. Then the idea to write a song about music was born. The main point is that music is life and everything around us".

On the stage, Daniil Kozlov will appear with his friend - Yan Aladov. He was born in Minsk in a family of famous musicians. His great-grandfather -- Nikolay Aladov -- was one of the founders of Belarusian school of composition.

When Yan was 6 he started to play piano at the College of Arts. Now Yan is 12 and he plays not only piano but also the guitar, snare drum, vibraphone, xylophone, marimba and drum set!

Yan's parents and teachers are sure: this boy is really fond of music it is his choice and his life! Most of all Yan likes classical music and he is happy to be a "musician from the past" on the stage. But it will be the first Contest in Yan's career.

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