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Who's in the game in Belarus?

19 June 2013 at 13:25 CEST

A professional jury made the pick who will be competing for the trophy in Belarus. Interest has been high but these ten made it:

  • Angelina Pipper - We Are Dancing Jazz
  • Ksenia Tereshenok - Under The Dream Sail 
  • Igor Muravkin - They Who Look for Happiness
  • Ruslan Aslanov - Stars Are Calling
  • Valdlen Ivanov - White Clouds
  • Danaya Sharshavitskaya - Simple Tune 
  • Yulia Mozhilovskaya - Dreams 
  • Anna Zaytseva - We Remember 
  • Ilya Volkov - Sing with Me 
  • Nadezhda Misyakova - Delovaya

But who will represent Belarus in Kyiv this year? We'll find this out in September! The final pick is going to be made by a jury and the audience.