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The week of the winner... Polina Bogusevich from Russia

24 December 2017 at 08:00 CET
Winner on stage (Part 2) Thomas Hanses
Polina Bogusevich won the 2017 Junior Eurovision Song Contest for Russia with the song 'Wings'. Today we look back at her experiences during the week of the competition.

Polina was born in 2003 and already has an impressive CV. In 2014 Polina took part in the first season of The Voice Kids and she won the second prize in the New Wave Junior contest. 

In 2015, Polina won the international competition Sanremo Junior 2015 and she rose to the Super Final of the Bitva Talantov song contest in 2016.

Polina's performance at Junior Eurovision was supported by two dancers who told the story of the song through the medium of dance. The theatrical performance impressed both the juries and the public alike.

Participating in Junior Eurovision Song Contest was described as a giant step forward in Polina’s career. Winning the contest was not her only aim, she wanted to gain new experiences and skills necessary for moving on in the future. She succeeded in both aims!

Polina is Russia's second Junior Eurovision winner, the first being the Tolmachevy Twins in 2006. They went on to represent Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest, maybe Polina will do the same one day? Time will tell! Congratulations to Polina and Russia!