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The Peppermints will not break your heart!

01 November 2014 at 13:37 CET

Their names are Rafaella Perniola, Arianna Ulivi, Anita Simoncini, Greta Doveri and Sara Dall'Olio, they are all between 14 and 15 years old and they will fly the Sammarinese flag as "The Peppermints" in Malta. The group is the result of an idea from Antonello Carozza, mentor and producer or San Marino's entry in 2013. These 5 girls are experienced singers (Sara and Greta, for instance, have taken part on TV shows and festivals) and are very looking forward to this Eurovision experience. 

One of the members of the band, Rafaella Perniola, is the younger sister of Michele Perniola, who represented this country last year in Kyiv.

The Peppermints' road to Malta

On September 18th, the Sammarinese broadcaster SMTV confirmed that they would participate once again in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and a few days later, on September 29th, they announced that The Peppermints had been internally chosen to represent the country in Malta, in partnership with ‘Vocine Nuove di Castrocaro’.

About the song

The composers of "Breaking my heart" are Luca Medri and Chris Lapolla. They have also been the writers together with Antonello Carozza (composer of last year's entry) and The Peppermints. It is a song about the end of love and the feelings we have when the other person is not by our side anymore.

You’re breaking my heart
You don’t understand
Don’t tell me that eventually
You are not with me

On stage

The catchy tune of the song together with their voices and their personality, will definitely make the difference. They promise a dynamic performance, with a choreographed performance, in blue and white lighting.

You can find out more about The Peppermints by:

Video greeting

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