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Shalisa: "My message is that there is always a way you can connect with each other"

17 November 2015 at 11:50 CET

Today's rehearsal was very similar to the performance in the Dutch National Final; she was sitting playing a piano topped with candles while a pair of dancers performed on the left catwalk, with a video of their dance being played as background. The backing vocalists were standing on the right catwalk.  All in all, we'll see a very delicate, intimate staging for 'Million Lights'.

Shalisa was very happy with the stage: "It is so big, and so amazing to see all the lights, the cameras...I am very pleased." She is "very proud" to be here in Sofia representing The Netherlands and she hopes that everyone will understand the message of her song 'Million Lights': "The song is about two people who love each other but cannot reach each other, and my message for Europe is that there is always a way you can connect with each other."

Do not forget to check out the video about her rehearsal and the picture gallery here below!

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