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Second set of first rehearsals on the Gliwice stage

20 November 2019 at 10:41 CET
Viki Gabor from Host Country Poland rehearsing ‘Superhero’ for the first time Thomas Hanses
The second set of delegations hit the stage for their first rehearsal. Follow along with us live as the 9 remaining participants sing their song in Gliwice for the first time.

North Macedonia

Mila Moskov's flame-laced performance of Fire was the last song rehearsed on day 2 at Arena Gliwice.

Watch Mila's first rehearsal video below.


Next up was Viki Gabor who introduced a bright version of Superhero to the rehearsal stage.

Watch Viki's first rehearsal video below.


Joana Almeida then sang Vem Comigo (Come With Me) on a bright, colour-saturated stage.

Watch Joana's first rehearsal video below.


Russian delegates Tatyana Mezhentseva and Denberel Oorzhak shared the stage to rehearse their empowering song A Time For Us beneath a backdrop of stars.

Watch Tatyana and Denberel's first rehearsal video below.

Update 21/11/2019: During Russia’s first rehearsal at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019, singer Denberel Oorzhak fell ill while on stage. He was immediately attended to by medical staff onsite and was taken to a local hospital. We’re pleased to say he is making a good recovery and is being well cared for. Denberel will remain in hospital overnight for observation. The whole Junior Eurovision family is sending their love and best wishes to him

Update 22/11/2019: We’re pleased to say that Russian singer Denberel Oorzhak is now fully recovered after falling ill on stage on Wednesday. He is back at his hotel following a short stay in hospital where he received excellent care. The health and wellbeing of all young participants is always our priority and the whole Junior Eurovision family is happy he is well again.


Erin Mai's had our hearts beating as she debuted Calon yn Curo on the Arena Gliwice stage.

Watch Erin's first rehearsal video below.


Continuing with the theme of environmental protection, Darija Vračević was next on stage with her song Podigni Glas (Raise Your Voice).

Watch Darija's first rehearsal video below.


Next, Melani Garcia took us under the sea for a powerful performance of Marte.

Watch Melani's first rehearsal video below.

The Netherlands

Dutch delegate Matheu kicked up the energy on stage with his first rehearsal of Dans Met Jou.

Watch Matheu's first rehearsal video below.


Ukraine's Sophia Ivanko opened day 2 with a powerful rehearsal of The Spirit of Music.

Watch Sophia's first rehearsal video below.